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Digital Ad Summit ’06

27 Apr

From one event to another. Yesterday speaking at SES, today listening to Steve Rubel and Chris Dobson at the Digital Ad Summit. More to come.

Danny Sullivan keynote

25 Apr

Barry Schwartz has blogged Danny Sullivan’s keynote from SES Toronto.

Danny Sullivan on Steve Berkowitz

24 Apr

You may have heard Steve Berkowitz is joining MSN from May 8. I don”t know much about him, but in looking around I found the following from Danny Sullivan at Search Engine Watch:
   "In short, I think it’s a great win for Microsoft. Steve knows what it’s like to be an underdog in the search space and fight your way back onto the radar screen. My main reaction really is why stop at Steve? Microsoft should have bought Ask long ago."

See you at SES?

24 Apr

Search Engine Strategies Canada 2006 begins tomorrow. I’ll be speaking at two sessions: RSS, Blogs & Search Marketing tomorrow at 4:30, and Meet the Crawlers Wednesday at 1:15. I’m also hoping to attend some of the sessions and here more about the local industry, and meet as many Search marketers as possible.
If you’re there, please come by and say hi at the sessions, and make sure you come by the MSN Search booth at the exhibit hall.

Talking about ‘Intro’ by Gorillaz

24 Apr

Haven’t posted in a loooong time. Mostly busy with business planning activities, however did find time to check out the exclusive Gorillaz webcast we presented on Sympatico / MSN video. If you’re a fan, it’s a fantastic show. Check it out.


‘Intro’ by Gorillaz

Gorillaz perform the intro track to ‘Demon Days’ in concert at New York’s Apollo theater. (P) EMI Records Limited 2006 © Gorillaz 2006