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On vacation

20 Aug

I’m on vacation right now on a road trip through eastern Ontario and Quebec. Won’t be posting much.

Windows Live Writer beta

13 Aug

First post from Windows Live writer. Love the way it downloads your blog’s stylesheet for WSIWYG editing. I’ve tried it with Spaces and Blogger and it seems to work well with either. Download it here.

Google to expand Waterloo office

13 Aug

You might think I would want to avoid the topic of a competitor like Google hiring more people in Waterloo. I have a different perspective – this is a great development for Canada. The fact that a global leader like Google considers south western Ontario the best place in the world in which to do mobile R&D is only good news.
Here is some other commentary:

Talking about Sympatico / MSN Entertainment : Music : Concerts : metric

13 Aug

 Of the new crop of Canadian bands, one of my favourites is Metric. Check out the exclusive video live from Metropolis on the Sympatico / MSN Music channel.

What is Web 2.0?: The 24 Minute Documentary

8 Aug

Great video on Techcrunch featuring a bunch of “Web 2.0” folks.

Techcrunch » Blog Archive » Web 2.0: The 24 Minute Documentary

Talking about Microsoft Acquisitions in 2006

4 Aug

abhishekkant has a list of Microsoft’s acquisitions so far in 2006. Pretty impressive list of technologies, including some key elements of the Online Services business like Massive, Geotango, Onfolio and Vexcel.

Talking about 43F Series: “Back to GTD” | 43 Folders

4 Aug

I’m a big fan of David Allen‘s book "Getting Things Done". I first picked it up about a year ago, and following the process outlined in his book greatly improved my workflow management and productivity. One of the challenges I’ve faced is being consistent in following the system, and having the discipline not to revert to productivity sapping bad habits. Once a month or so I find I have to go back to basics and reboot my adherence to the GTD process.

Serendipitously, 43 Folders is running a series of posts called "Back to GTD", with tips for lapsed GTD fans: 43F Series: “Back to GTD”. Highly recommended.

Windows Live Local

2 Aug

I’ve been meaning to blog about Windows Live Local, Microsoft’s free mapping and directories tool, for a while now. I’m really proud of the work the local team has done in this space. This is an area where Microsoft is showing some leadership, and providing unique features relative to our competitors. Here is a list of some of the things you can do with it:

  • get driving directions and maps
  • get satellite views of your destination
  • find directory listings that are synched up with Canadian maps
  • view “Bird’s Eye” imagery that shows detailed, 45-degree angle views of most major U.S. cities – and coming soon for Canadian cities
  • annotate maps, mark points of interest with pushpins, and share your customized maps with friends.
  • group your customized maps into “collections” you can share with the world or keep private
  • create custom “pushpins” that let you notate specific locations
  • use the scratch pad to make notes and share your discoveries
  • cruise around and zoom in on areas of the Canada you want to explore in detail
  • get results that display both Web sites and physical locations
  • auto-refresh your search results – updated as you move around the map
  • find yourself using the “Locate Me” feature that can show you where you are on a map

One of my favourite features is collections. Collections are groups of locations that you create and can share with your friends online. Here’s a collection of some Canadian landmarks for you to check out. Check out the satellite imagery. We recently update our image database for many Canadian cities so you can zoom right in on these sites. Also, check out the Bird’s eye views of Niagara falls. Very cool.

As always, tell us what you think.

Windows Live Spaces

1 Aug

(insert standard "I haven’t posted in a while" disclaimer here)
Well, here it is, my first post on the new, rebranded Windows Live Spaces. So far, from what I’ve seen many of the features are similar to MSN Spaces, but with cool Ajax goodness to enhance the responsiveness of the UI. I can’t wait to play some more with the Gadgets and friends of friends functionality!
What’s your favourite feature?
Update: Mike Torres has posted on the new site.