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9 Mar

This whole early Daylight Savings Time has got me thinking about the evolution of the clock in the home. When I was a kid growing up in the suburbs of Montreal, “spring-forward” for my parents would have probably meant changing two clocks in the house – one in the kitchen, and their clock radio in the bedroom, and their watches. We’re talking pre VCR, home computer, cell phone, etc etc here.

This morning, it was quite another story in my house. The number of time keeping devices has grown exponentially. The silver-lining to this is that many of them know about the time change, and handle it without any fuss.

So, without further ado here’s my list:

Automatically adjust time

  1. My Macbook Pro
  2. Holly’s Macbook
  3. Gaming Windows XP workstation
  4. Windows Vista Media Center server
  5. Xbox 360
  6. Linksys Media Center Extender
  7. Blackberry Curve
  8. Logitech Slim Devices Squeezebox
  9. Rogers Scientific Atlanta Digital Cable box
  10. La Crosse Weather Station

Manually adjust time

  1. My clock radio
  2. Holly’s clock radio
  3. My watch
  4. Holly’s watch
  5. Our stove
  6. Our Microwave
  7. Our analog wall clock
  8. Maeve’s clock
  9. Rowan’s clock
  10. Holly’s Sony Ericson cell phone
  11. Our three cordless phones

For a grand total of  23 clocks to change…. and I’m sure I’ve forgotten a couple.


I love technology!


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