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Robots, Computers – a view from the past

10 Feb

I listen to a lot of podcasts. One I like to check out from time to time is Rewind from the CBC. Each week Michael Enright reviews the CBC radio archive with a particular theme. I was delighted to here people like Isaac Asimov and Ted Nelson talking about Robots and Computers in the early days of the revolution that has already transformed society and is still in its early days.

Other highlights include the first flat screen TV (from 1970) and a cocktail-making robot.

Check it out in
MP3 format:

or on the
Rewind page

Toronto Star Cloud Ops team

10 Feb


Juan, Ryan and Erik on Juan’s first day on the job. These guys are the unsung heroes of our Digital Technology group, working around the clock to ensure our cloud-hosted sites and services are running reliably and scaling elastically.

They work (very) closely with our dev and QA folks using agile, devops and other modern work patterns to get stuff done.

Send them a virtual (or real) beer. They deserve it!

Friday Evening at The Star

7 Feb


Owning my content: an experiment

7 Feb

I’ve been growing increasingly uncomfortable with uploading all my content (posts, images, videos etc) to Facebook, Twitter and the various other social media titan’s of our age. I do love the ability these sites provide to share my stuff with friends and family, but don’t want them to be my only digital footprints on the record.

I’ve decided to experiment with using my (long neglected) blog to post stuff, and then syndicate out to Twitter and Facebook.

Bear with me, we’ll see how well this works.