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24 Apr

It’s now been 20 years since I started building websites and other digital experiences. The one constant over these two decades has been change: technology changes, collaborators change, the market changes, opportunities change.

In this spirit, I have decided to make a personal career change. Today is my last day at the Toronto Star. Next week I will join Kijiji Canada as their Chief Technology Officer.

It’s been an incredible ride over the last two plus years at the Star. I’m very proud of the team’s accomplishments, and have made some lifelong connections here. Things are tough right now in the Newspaper industry, but the Star have a solid digital strategy that will move them into the future successfully.

Kijiji is a fast growing business with huge technology opportunities and challenges and I’m very excited about joining the great team there.

I’ll leave the last words to one of my favourite songwriters.

Toronto Star Cloud Ops team

10 Feb


Juan, Ryan and Erik on Juan’s first day on the job. These guys are the unsung heroes of our Digital Technology group, working around the clock to ensure our cloud-hosted sites and services are running reliably and scaling elastically.

They work (very) closely with our dev and QA folks using agile, devops and other modern work patterns to get stuff done.

Send them a virtual (or real) beer. They deserve it!

Friday Evening at The Star

7 Feb